An Appeal to Cat Owners
Hannah Suthers

©Copyright 2013
American Bird Conservancy

Knowing that this reaches you after the snow melt and wonderful signs of spring, I can only hope that your cats accustomed to being indoors because of the snow are still being kept indoors. Other than habitat destruction cats are the number one killer of birds, rivaling windows. Cats are introduced species at best, invasive species at worst, and are not a part of the environmental picture that birds evolved with. Cats out during the daytime ambush adult and fledgling birds, cats out at night can destroy mother bird and the entire nest. Rescued cat-caught birds brought to rehabilitation centers rarely survive because of the bacterial load in a catís mouth. So pleaseÖ But I know that Iím speaking to the choir.

For further information about the dangers cats present to wildlife, see this web page.

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Last revision: Saturday, January 24, 2015