Washington Crossing Audubon Offers a Scholarship to Outdoor Educators
July 16 to 21

Outdoor or environmental teachers and educators in the Central NJ region are invited to apply for a scholarship to attend the Sharing Nature: An Educator's Week at National Audubon's Hog Island Center on Muscongus Bay in Maine. The program is held July 16-21, 2017.

National Audubon will have a complement of well-known environmental instructors covering many aspects of teaching and field techniques along with identifying different habitats and the plants and animals that occupy them.

There is only one scholarship to be awarded. It covers tuition and expenses while on the island. It does not cover individual travel expenses. If you wish to be considered, send an e-mail to


Please include your contact information, your position, your teaching experiences and how you plan to use your experiences at Hog Island. More complete information about this workshop can be found here.

Deadline for applications is Friday, December 16th. The successful applicant will be notified mid-January 2017.

Hear from our 2015 Scholarship Recipient, Scott Johnson, teacher at Kingwood Twp School

When was the last time you have rubbed elbows with someone who is a master in their field? No, really, take a second to think…. someone who does whatever it is they do in a masterful way. They make it all click, show the way, and inspire you to reach to new heights. Maybe you are fortunate, and you have a person or program in mind. For me, it had been a while. However, this summer the Washington Crossing Audubon Society generously gave this local teacher an amazing opportunity this summer to witness masterful teaching and learn about ways to enhance environmental education in the classroom.

I was lucky enough to be 2015's recipient the National Audubon Society's Educator's Week at Hog Island in Maine. This inspiring experience gave me the opportunity to recharge my sense of wonder in the natural world and to remind myself of the importance of taking our local children outside to learn about everything from bird specific curriculum to the night sky.

One program leader at the camp was an exceptional naturalist, and an even more impressive teacher. He had an innate yet honed ability to read the group and provide them with the inspiration, connections, and understandings that true learning requires. I will carry his excitement and commitment to teaching about the natural world into my classroom and community. I plan on incorporating specifics about bird identification into my science classes that highlight observation and recording, as well as focusing on habitat needs and the importance of our state's migratory flyways.

Thank you, Washington Crossing Audubon for coordinating this opportunity. The experience was a chance to think deeply about how necessary it is to get our children outside, even though it may seem hard to fit it in a busy school day. I hope this opportunity is available to teachers for years to come, as I believe it is a needed tonic in a busy world.

Scott Johnson
2015 recipient

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Last revision: Sunday, September 25, 2016