Holden Fund Grant Policy
Holden Grant Committee

Washington Crossing Audubon Society received a generous bequest from the late Polly Holden to be used for conservation and environmental education. Our objective for providing grants is to assist individuals and organizations in advancing environmental education and conservation through initiatives broadly related to birdlife.

Up to $20,000 per year is available from the fund, with individual grants capped at $5,000. Applications are accepted from September 1 through November 1. Grant applications will be reviewed by the WCAS Grants Committee, which will provide recommendations to the full WCAS board by December 15. The full board will make the final decision at the January board meeting, and grants will be announced by February 1.

Statement of Purpose:

Holden Grants are for conservation and conservation education. The grants emphasize, but are not limited to, three main areas: habitat protection and restoration, avian monitoring and conservation, and public awareness and education. Twenty-five percent of the bird species found in the United States are of conservation concern, with many of these species declining at an unsustainable rate. Habitat loss, degradation, and fragmentation are the major factors in this decline. Since the majority of species that are declining unsustainably are Nearctic-neotropical migrants, projects related to both the breeding grounds and wintering grounds are considered. Areas with robust bird numbers and diversity of species are indicators of a healthy, dynamic ecosystem. Thus monitoring bird populations is a time and cost effective way of assessing over-all environmental health, justifying our emphasis on bird conservation. However, the program also encourages grants that address conservation concerns related to other threatened taxa or preserving overall biodiversity. The grants also recognize the importance of education in reconnecting people with the natural world and thereby building a stronger base of advocates for conservation.

Holden Grant Guidelines:

Individuals and organizations wishing to apply for a grant should submit an application that supplies the information as outlined below (with supporting material as appropriate) to contact.wcas@gmail.com, by November 1. Holden Grants are not given for profit making projects. Holden Funds will not be awarded for the applying organization's operating costs, including staff salary or stipends.

If the proposal is funded, recipients will be required to submit a report on the project upon its conclusion and to make a 5 minute oral presentation on the project at the next October WCAS public meeting.

See guideline below for grant application format. Please note that the Holden Grant Committee does not preview grant applications.

WCAS Holden Grant Application Outline:

  • Address:
    • Name of Individual/Organization
    • Contact Information:
    • Address
    • Telephone No.
    • Fax (if available)
    • Email
  • Proposal:
    • What is the project objective?
    • What need will the project fill? What is the benefit?
    • Describe the project. Include how the project will proceed and who is in charge.
    • What qualifications do you have? What past experience does the organization have?
    • How will you evaluate the project? If the project will continue, how will it be funded?
    • Provide a timeline and a budget.
Suggestions to WCAS If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at:   contact.wcas@gmail.com

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Last revision: Wednesday, March 2, 2016