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Barbara Ross & Pat Sziber

Wanted: A Special Kind Of Naturalist
Barbara Ross & Pat Sziber

The time for nominations to the 2002-2003 WCAS Board of Trustees is fast approaching! We have a terrific board - with members who can locate and easily identify a spotted salamander or great spangled fritillary, not to mention a few hundred species of birds. But the Board has a critical need for members who have the special skill and particular experience required to locate and identify a potential generous donor or active Audubon member. Are there fundraising and membership experts out there willing to help us? You'll be in good company, greatly appreciated, and have the tremendous satisfaction of doing something important for Audubon! We also are seeking legal eagles and stock hawks. To volunteer or suggest candidates, please contact nominating committee members Barbara Ross (councilrep@washingtoncrossingaudubon.org) or Pat Sziber (cchair@washingtoncrossingaudubon.org).

If a two-year term as Trustee is impossible for you, would you consider a shorter stint as advisor to the Board?



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