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WCAS NewsBill Kass, Founding Member: 1917-2002
Pat Sziber

Bill Kass, Founding Member: 1917-2002
Pat Sziber

Bill (William H.) Kass, one of the original members who inaugurated our chapter, died on March 27 following a massive stroke. He is survived by his wife, Alice, and their sons, David and Jeffrey.

In the early years of WCAS, Bill served as Treasurer and carried out much of the business of the chapter. He and Alice handled all aspects of production of our newsletter and hosted the "label-slapping" evenings at their Titusville home, which always ended with tea and cookies by the warmth of their wood-burning stove. Bill was an accomplished woodworker, and we worked at a beautiful black walnut table that he crafted himself. He was also the artist who created our osprey logo, which appears on the front of this newsletter and on our chapter patch. Bill and Alice built their house on a hillside overlooking the natural area of Washington Crossing State Park. They were quite proud when a pair of red-shouldered hawks set up housekeeping themselves on their wooded lot a few years ago.

Bill was devoted to the park's nature center, going back to the days when Rachel Horn had a small animal rehabilitation facility there. Even as the center grew and changed, Bill-often with his young sons in tow-tended the bird feeders there in all kinds of weather. So it seemed natural to the WCAS board of trustees that providing for the birds at the park would be a fitting way to remember and celebrate Bill's life. We will be planting a native, fruit-bearing shrub near the nature center which will continue his tradition of providing nourishment for our feathered friends.



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