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WCAS NewsWCAS Is Watershed River-friendly Award Recipient
Pat Sziber

WCAS Is Watershed River-friendly Award Recipient
Pat Sziber

Washington Crossing Audubon is a proud recipient of one of two Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association 2002 River-Friendly Awards presented at the Watershed's annual meeting on Earth Day, April 22nd. The trustees were presented a silver bowl with the inscription, "Washington Crossing Audubon Society - In appreciation for the extraordinary dedication to the protection of birds and all living things." A certificate signed by George Hawkins, Executive Director, and Nelson Obus, Chair, reads:

In appreciation for your extraordinary dedication to the protection of birds, natural habitat and all living things, we are pleased to present you with the River-Friendly Organization Award. Your organization supports an amazing variety of programs on the environment, including an annual bird count, education programs on local species and ecology, advocacy on local, state and federal environmental issues, and field trips to natural wonders throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We are particularly impressed that your organization provides this invaluable service to the community on the hard work of an all-volunteer board and membership. We salute your dedication and have been honored to work at your side.

And indeed we are proud to be partners with the Watershed in so much of our work and are truly honored to receive this award. Many thanks to George and the SB-MWA Board of Trustees for this recognition and many thanks, too, to all of you who help us carry out our conservation and education missions.

Congratulations to the other award recipient Marty Johnson, President and founder of Isles, Inc. of Trenton whose urban work beautifully dovetails our own.



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