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Pat Sziber

Friends of Baldpate Mt. Group Forming
Pat Sziber

Mercer County is ready to begin implementation of its concept plan for Baldpate Mountain. On one of her frequent walks up the gated access road, Titusville resident Ruth Jourjine noticed that some large, mature trees had been marked, likely for removal for the purpose of widening the road. She tracked down a number of people and asked a lot of questions, not all of which were answered. She did, however, manage to contact representatives from Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space and Hopewell Township, part owners of the property, and they met with County Planning officials on the mountain to discuss the width of the road and the proposed parking lot. The County appeared to be willing to make some concessions. It seems like a good idea to continue monitoring the mountain as "improvements" proceed and to foster dialogue among the owners of the property and the public who, after all, are the real owners.

Ms. Jourjine and several friends are prepared to launch a friends group to be vocal advocates for preservation of the environmental, historic and ecological integrity of Baldpate. Their vision for Baldpate matches the one that frequently has been stated by WCAS and other environmental groups: keep it natural and make habitat conservation the priority. If you would like to get in on the ground floor of this fledgling organization, call either Ruth Jourjine at 818-1171 or Kate Mittnacht at 737-7568.



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