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Pat Sziber

winterberry holly (Ilex verticillata)
Memorial Planting
in Honor of Bill Kass

Pat Sziber

Two winterberry hollies (Ilex verticillata) were planted near the Nature Center at Washington Crossing State Park on April 25 in honor of charter board member Bill Kass who died in March 2002. The species was chosen because it is a native plant that bears fruit attractive to birds and other wildlife and is deer-resistant. Deer browse is an enormous problem at the park and it has been noticed that they avoid the naturally-growing winterberries. Our two shrubs are located at the south-facing wood line near the entrance to the Nature Center. When mature, these deciduous hollies will bear bright red berries in the fall. The cultivar was developed at Rutgers University for concurrent blossoms on both the male and female plants to maximize fruiting. Individual WCAS board members funded the planting. David Paulovic assisted with the selection at Kale's Nursery and provided planting instructions.

A chapter founder, Bill Kass served for several years in the 1980's as Treasurer and was responsible for the production and mailing of the newsletter. He also designed our osprey logo. We decided that a planting at the park to benefit birds would be an appropriate way to honor his memory. Bill was devoted to the Nature Center and kept the park's bird feeders filled and clean. The hollies will continue his tradition of providing nourishment for our feathered friends. Since the park does not allow plaques in the natural area, a framed memorial certificate will be provided to the Nature Center.


Photo Source: www.hort.uconn.edu/plants/i/ilever/ilever1.html


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