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Pat Sziber

Let's Hear It For The Pole Farm
Pat Sziber

In the September issue of The Crossing we made note of the profusion of wildflowers at the Pole Farm this summer where fields and paths were left unmowed. The large field where bobolinks have been sighted was left wild and free, much to our collective delight. Another benefit of the unfettered growth: the Pole Farm was one of the hottest butterfly spots in Mercer County this summer. The numbers of birds, in general, seemed to be up. So it's true, Mother Nature knows best!

WCAS has written a thank you letter to the county property manager for responding to our request to ask the farmers to hold back on the mowing at least until August. If you enjoyed a visit or two to the Pole Farm this summer and especially if you are a regular or long-time visitor, a note of appreciation would be in order and could help us deal with management negotiations for the property in the future (address below.) Write your letter from the heart, telling what you especially enjoyed about the explosion of natural beauty at the Pole Farm this year. Maybe include a photo if you are a camera bug. You might also mention that it would have been even better if the fields in the northwest section of the park had not been mowed in early summer as they were this year and perhaps that particular farmer needs a stronger message.

We hope to continue to work with Mercer County to optimize the wonderful grassland and meadow habitats at the Pole Farm. Write to:

Your Name
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Mr. Walter Krawtschenko
Mercer County Property Manager
McDade Administration Building
640 South Broad Street
Trenton, NJ 08650



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