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WCAS NewsThe Charge of the Trash Brigade
Pat Sziber

The Charge of the Trash Brigade
Pat Sziber

Thirteen hardy souls came out on November 8th to pick up litter in the name of Washington Crossing Audubon-a record number for us. Several new volunteers, including a family of four, joined our regular troop. This was more than needed for our regular 3-mile route so we took on an extra mile. Two hours and fourteen bags of trash later WCAS was $240 richer, thanks to a grant to Hopewell Township from the Clean Communities Program which is administered by Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space. Volunteers on that lovely autumn day were: Angelo Auletta, Frank Bader, Gloria Beck, Lou Beck, J. T. Husid, Eileen Katz, Dan Longhi, Herb Lord, Colin Mayer, Derrick Mayer, Lester Mayer, Silvie Mayer, Barbara Ross, Pat Sziber, Elena Williams and Joan Wood. Many thanks to all for your hard work.



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