Brewster Young, Birdathon Chairman 2005

Brewster Young, Birdathon Chairman 2005

As many of you know, Birdathon is WCAS' primary fundraiser for the year. Money raised is used to support our lectures, field trips, and educational programs - in 2005, Audubon Adventures was funded in 120 classrooms!

The Birdathon was held on May 14 this year. WCAS had about 30 people searching the state for birds. The day was warm and pleasant - a great day to be outdoors. There was a grand total of 208 species found which is more than last year's 205 species, but down from 218 two years ago. For comparison, the winning team in New Jersey Audubon's World Series of Birding found 222 species; and the cumulative total for all World Series teams was 262. Thanks to all those who participated

Some highlights reported by Birdathon coordinator Lou Beck:

  • 29 species of warblers; down from the spectacular 32 species we had two years ago
  • 4 rail species (black, clapper, king, and Virginia)
  • 5 vireo species (white-eyed, blue-headed, yellow-throated, warbling, and red-eyed)
  • 19 species that are on the threatened or endangered list

CONGRATULATIONS TO PRIZE RECIPIENTS! -Special prizes for generous support of the Birdathon were donated by the Belle Mead Farmers Co-Op, Fred Ward, and Kale's Nursery. Winners were Ames Hoyt, Landis Eaton, and Richard VanKirk (Earlybird drawing).

Thank you all - on behalf of the Washington Crossing Audubon Society - for your generous donations to Birdathon 2005. Thanks also to the birding teams.

Bill AndersonLou Beck
Jean BickalTom Cosmas
Dave EvansAlan Gelderg
Dianne HallDoug Hall
Jeffrey HallMaryMargaret Halsey
George HarveyLynn Hunt
Eileen KatzLaurie Larsen
Herb LordSharyn Magee
John MaretBrad Merritt
Barbara RossHannah Suthers
Connie SpragueRick Van Kirk
Terri Van KirkJim Wilson
Mark WitmerRick Wright
Brew YoungMarion Young


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