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Pat Sziber
Celebration Benefits WCAS
Pat Sziber

Washington Crossing Audubon was one of four nonprofit beneficiaries of the Capitol Copy Service 25th anniversary celebration and fundraising event on June 9. The company, which prints our chapter newsletter, brochure and other materials, is located at 116 West State Street in Trenton, across from the State House. The by-invitation event drew about 100 customers, suppliers and friends who enjoyed some wonderful food, drink, live music, tours of the facility and a chance to chat with Ben Franklin (himself a former printer who was celebrating his 300th birthday) and pose for a photo with him. Capitol Copy generously provided each nonprofit with a table, tent, a 3 x 4 foot poster and the opportunity to raise some money. The event garnered over $700 for WCAS, part of which will be used to create a nature guide to a new trail on Baldpate Mountain (see related article.)

The WCAS table featured the match-the-bird-to-the habitat game made by WCAS treasurer Michael Kaplan, along with a number of handouts. But the star feature of our table was board member and licensed avian rehabilitator Hannah Suthers and her nest of nine-day old baby robins. For photos taken at the event, visit www.Capitol-Copy.com and click on the newsletter pdf hyperlink on the bottom of the home page.

Many thanks to the businesses and individuals whose generosity will help us continue to carry out our mission of nature education. A special thanks to Capitol Copy Service for making WCAS a part of this special event.

Using funds raised at the Capitol Copy anniversary event, WCAS will produce a guide highlighting birds, plants and geological features found along the trail. The pamphlet will be made available to hikers near the bottom. Plans for a parking area on Fiddler's Creek Road just east of the wrought-iron gate are underway. Meanwhile, parking is still extremely limited…three cars at most…and the gate must not be blocked. The best opportunities for parking are on weekdays or very early morning or late afternoon. It's certainly worth a try


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