WCAS News2006 Mercer Butterfly
Count Results
Frank Bader

2006 Mercer Butterfly Count Results
Frank Bader

The Fourth Annual Mercer Butterfly Count, sponsored by The Washington Crossing Audubon Society, was held on July 9 in good weather. My thanks to the 16 participants, who totaled 40 species (compared to last year's high of 41 species) and 2425 individuals. New to the count, were Juniper Hairstreaks, found by three of the 5 teams. Missing from the count but seen on previous counts were Harvester, American Copper, Red Banded Hairstreak, both American and Painted Ladies, Southern Cloudywing, and European and Peck's Skippers. Our first count had 689 Pearl Crescents which was the highest in the nation. This count had 938. Noteworthy were 104 Monarchs, compared to 2 and 10 in the past two years. We also had high numbers of Wild Indigo Duskywings and Gray Hairstreaks.

      Species Count

      SWALLOWTAILS (Papilionidae)
        Black Swallowtail51
        Eastern Tiger Swallowtail56
        Spicebush Swallowtail7
      WHITES & SULPHURS (Pieris)
        Cabbage White408
        Clouded Sulfur6
        Orange Sulfur56
        Coral Hairstreak1
        Banded Hairstreak4
        Striped Hairstreak1
        Gray Hairstreak43
        Eastern Tailed-Blue115
        Summer Azure19
        Juniper Hairstreak14
      BRUSHFOOTS (Nymphalinae: Nymphalidae)
        Great Spangled Fritillary54
        Pearl Crescent938
        Question Mark3
        Eastern Comma2
        Mourning Cloak2
        Red Admiral3
        Common Buckeye5
        Red Spotted Purple3
      SAYTRS & WOODNYMPHS (Satyrinae: Nymphalidae)
        Appalachian Brown2
        Little Wood Satyr15
        Common Wood-Nymph164
      MILKWEED BUTTERFLIES (Danaiae: Nymphalidae)
        Silver-spotted Skipper43
        Horace's Duskywing5
        Wild Indigo Duskywing117
        Common Checkered-Skipper27
        Common Sootywing6
        Swarthy Skipper1
        Least Skipper6
        Tawny-edged Skipper1
        Crossline Skipper5
        Northern Broken-Dash39
        Little Glassywing48
        Delaware Skipper7
        Dun Skipper20

Summary of Previous Counts

Last year, the count was held on July 3 and had 14 participants. A total of 41 species and 2306 individuals were found (compared to 40 species and 4998 individuals in 2004 and 33 species and 3133 individuals in 2003). Click on the following link to view this year's and compare with previous count results:
Butterfly Counts for 2003 through 2006



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