WCAS NewsSummer Musings
Hannah Suthers
Summer Musings
Hannah Suthers

There are times when I wish I could relay to you what the birds are saying to me. Often I send messages to you on wings of thought. Tidbits such as:

  • Crushing dried eggshells and offering them to the Blue Jays and Mourning Doves as a source of calcium for their eggs. So the Jays don't have to raid other nests.

  • Feeding through the summer to compensate for the loss of habitat. Most bird species feed their young insects, even the seed eaters, so the feeders help the adults. Starlings and Grackles love Japanese beetles, both grubs and adults. So please don't poison your lawn!

  • Offering water, especially when it is desperately needed during heat and drought.

  • Keeping kitty indoors, especially during the fledgling weeks in May and June. Cats roaming at night can destroy both mother and nestlings.

Enjoy your reward, the beautiful sights and sounds!



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