WCAS NewsBats in the Belfry
SB-MWA Staff
Bats in the Belfry
an Audubon/Watershed Bat Watch on July 10

SB-MWA Staff

The annual "Bats at Dusk" program on the Reserve of the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association continues to draw and satisfy bat lovers every year. Naturalist Jeff Hoagland has communed with these bats, through programs and privately, since 1985. When his son Max was only two years old they would watch bats together on the Reserve, flat on their backs, Max atop his father's chest. This summer Washington Crossing Audubon again cosponsored this program. Jeff shared the experience with a large group of families, watching the colony of mostly big brown (?) bats emerge from the attic of the Watershed Association's main office. Participants counted bats as they emerged from the roost and also took turns using the bat detector to listen to their feeding calls. Everyone thanked the bats for the services they provide and even met a fellow bug-eater a Fowler's Toad feasting on June beetles beneath the parking lot light.



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