2009 Mercer Butterfly Count Results
Frank Bader

The seventh annual Mercer Butterfly Count sponsored by WCAS was held on Sunday July 12. Seventeen field observers participated on five teams. Although low counts were being reported across the country, our count was fairly typical, with 39 species, identical with last years count, and with 3532 individuals, compared with 3276, our yearly average. Northern Cloudywing and Black Dash were new for the count. We found 2084 Pearl Crescents, compared with 2826 and 938 in the years which we had the high count for the nation.

Summary of Previous Counts

Last year, the count was held on July 13 and had 21 participants. We totaled 39 species and 5561 individuals.

Click on the following link to view the count results: 2003 - 2009


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Last revision: Tuesday, August 11, 2009