WCAS News Winter 2009
Herb Lord

New Treasurer Needed

Michael Kaplan, who has served as Washington Crossing Audubon Society's treasurer in recent years, has decided to give up the job. It's a job that requires a significant amount of time and expertise to keep track of our assets and expenses, to keep the rest of the board up to date on financial matters, and to file our income tax statements each year. Is there anyone out there who would be willing and able to fill those shoes after Michael trains you for the job? If so, please contact us. You can reach us through our website, www.washingtoncrossingaudubon.org, or can send an email to contact@washingtoncrossingaudubon.org. Thanks.



Newsletter Recipients
Prefer Your Newsletter Via Email?

It typically takes about a month from the time we send our newsletter off to the printer until it shows up in your mailbox. That includes the time for printing, applying the mailing labels, organizing the newsletters to comply with bulk mail regulations, and getting them to the post office, as well as the time for the post office to get around to delivering them.

Do you want to skip all that waiting, and perhaps save the environmental costs of printing and transporting all of those newsletters (as well as help us save the 50 cents or so it costs us to print and mail each one)?

If so, send an email message to contact@washingtoncrossingaudubon.org asking us to send your future newsletters via email. Please include your ID number, name and address including the zip code as it appears on the mailing label attached to your newsletter, in your email message. Thanks.



Suggestions to WCAS If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact either of the following:
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