2010 Mercer Butterfly Count Results
Frank Bader

The Eighth Mercer Count was held on July 11. New for the count was the Tawny Emperor. We missed Dun Skipper for the first time, and the Little Glassywing and Great Spangled Fritillary numbers were low. Pearl Crescents were nowhere close to the spectacular numbers of recent years.

The overall totals were 36 species and 2704 individuals. The team totals, as well as the totals from our seven earlier counts, were tabulated and can be viewed on-line under the WCAS News.

Finally, I would like to thank the participants for their efforts. The count is sponsored by the Washington Crossing Audubon Society.

Summary of Previous Counts

Last year, the count was held on July 12 and had 17 participants in five teams. We totaled 39 species and 3532 individuals.

Click on the following link to view the count results: 2003 - 2010



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Last revision: Wednesday, August 24, 2010