BIRDATHON 2010 Summary
Brad Merret - Birdathon Chairman

Birdathon 2010 was held on May 8, 2010 this year. Several WCAS teams scoured the state in pursuit of birds to add to the list. This year's total of 162 species was down from last year's total of 189 and 2008's total of 171 despite the enthusiastic effort of our participants. This was probably due to the early date this year and very windy conditions for most of the day. Highlights included 28 warbler species and Yellow-bellied Flycatcher.

The number of donors is up this year from last year's total with some pledges coming in. The final total raised for this year's Birdathon will be announced at the September program meeting.

Funds raised by Birdathon are used to support Audubon Adventures for Fourth Grade classrooms; Hannah Suther's bird banding and research; our lectures; field trips and educational programs for the coming year.

Our monthly lectures on a variety of wildlife topics are held on the third Monday of each month starting in September. The field trips are held on many weekends throughout the year and include trips to a wide variety of habitats. These events are free and we encourage members to invite their friends to come. The schedule is listed in the WCAS Newsletter and on the website.

Thanks to all those who made the 2010 Birdathon a success by your generous donations.

Birdathon Listing: To view the list of bird species identified on Birdathon,
click on one of the following: list 1993 to 2010



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