Proposed Bylaws Changes For Our Chapter
Joe Pylka, President

At our October Board Meeting, some changes to our bylaws were proposed and approved. Mainly they are cosmetic, and we also corrected an omission in how we define terms of office.

We removed phrases in some articles allowing for proxies to be used for certain elections. Generally these are not a good idea for organizations of our kind and can sometimes lead to abuse. We had already removed other instances but somehow overlooked these. They will now be removed entirely.

We also discovered that somehow our bylaws define when terms of office for officers and directors end, -- but not when they commence. This needs to be corrected.

At the same time we realized it is more sensible to have the start of our fiscal year coincide with the start of these terms of office. So we changed the pertinent articles to accomplish this. Elections will still take place at the Annual Meeting held during the May program meeting, but new terms will now begin on July 1st, the beginning of our fiscal year.

The board of directors creates and proposes any changes or additions to our bylaws. However, they are given final approval , and passed, by the general membership at a program meeting, given advance notice that this will occur. So, we are publishing this in our newsletter and on our website. We will read the proposed changes at the October meeting and they will be available on our website. We will make a motion for a final vote at the November meeting.

Please take the opportunity to read the proposed changes and see what we have in mind and what you will be voting on.



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Last revision: Thursday, October 21, 2010