Birdathon 2011 Was a Success!!
Barbara T. Ross

Twenty teams scoured the hot spots of New Jersey on May 14th for a final bird count of 160 species (2 more came in after the pledge letters went out). Threatened and endangered birds on the list: 10. Brad Merritt reported the highest number of species: 91. An exceptionally large, weather-related migration event on the Tuesday before seems to be responsible for the lower bird totals which were more than made up for in the dollar amount received.

Thank you to all who contributed their birding expertise, time and money to Birdathon this year! WCAS is now over $5000 dollars richer as a result. The perennial lack of response to our Birdathon pleas in this newsletter prompted us this year to mail out separate letters, pledge forms and reply envelopes to half of our membership, and it paid off with a whopping 12.5% responding! A lion's share was still brought in by four amazing individual solicitors: hearty thanks—again—to Landy Eaton, whose donors once more contributed the highest total; Hannah Suthers: most individual donors; Barbara Ross: second to Landy and Hannah in both categories; and Mark Witmer, for two very generous donations, one his own, matched by corporate matching gifts for the highest amount raised by a single solicitor. Thanks must also go to Bristol-Myers Squibb's Employees Matching Program for three generous matches and to Kim Haren for the largest individual contribution. Every donation is valued, however, even the $5 and $10 checks received.

Treasurer Tom Lederer recorded and deposited all of the checks; he, Joe Schmeltz, and Barbara Ross prepared and mailed 750 letters. Tom Cosmas and others handled publicity. Lou Beck made weekly trips to the Post Office and tallied the bird results. WCAS thanks all of you! Awards will be handed out at the September meeting. WCAS plans to do something special with the proceeds: please stay tuned!

See the list of species identified in the Birdathons from 1993 to 2011.

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Last revision: Tuesday, August 30, 2011