Holden Fund Grants
Sharyn Magee

WCAS distributed $18,680.00 in grants to several local and one international organization to carry out education and conservation programs. The grant committee had to make some tough choices between a very competitive group of proposals focusing on such factors as the ecological importance of the habitat being preserved or restored, educational impact, community involvement, and economic leverage. The grants were made possible by a generous bequest from Polly Holden.

The 2012 Holden grants are as follows:

  • Nicoya Peninsula Avian Research Station: $4,380 to support important science which will allow a better understanding of tropical bird demographics and habitat use of wintering Neotropical migrant birds. The banding station is an extension of Hannah Suther’s Featherbed Lane banding station. As of 11/24, this project banded or saw thirteen bird species that breed in our area.
  • Life Net: $4,000 to support bird monitoring efforts at Loma Alta Ecological Reserve and bird monitoring and stewardship at Reserva Las Tangaras.
  • Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space: $5,000 restoration project creating a buffer zone to core Neotropical migrant forest breeding habitat in the most important remaining forested habitat in central New Jersey, giving the project a potentially large impact ecologically. The adjacent Baldpate Mountain is a source for some of our rarest breeding Neotropical species.
  • D&R Greenway: $2,800 to restore a suburban woodlot which is connected to the Institute Woods by a wooded stream corridor.
  • Friends of Rogers Refuge: $1,500 to restore the lower marsh in the Rogers Refuge adjacent to the Institute Woods.
  • New Jersey Audubon: $1,000 to develop a coordinated mechanism for young people ages 12 to 18 to meet with each other and bird watch together.

Applications for the 2012 awards are due Nov. 1. The guidelines are on the WCAS website.

Suggestions to WCAS If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact either of the following:

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Last revision: Sunday, January 29, 2012