Birdathon 2013 Was a Success!!
Barbara T Ross

Despite an overcast and windy day with periods of rain in some areas a grand total of 183 species (13 on the threatened or endangered list) was observed in New Jersey by 15 Washington Crossing Audubon teams. The list can be seen above and online.

Thank you to all donors who contributed to Birdathon this year. The pledges are not all in yet; to date the total is $5284.60. It is not too late to send in your contribution if you forgot! $3068.60 (including solicitors' donations) or 58% was directly solicited predominantly by six individuals; board members other than solicitors contributed $600 or nearly 11%; and 23 members (1.5%) responded to remittance envelopes sent out to 1500 for a total of $1391 or 26%. This demonstrates that personal contact is extremely important.

Top solicitors will be rewarded at the September program meeting. The prizes will include three recently published books generously donated by Princeton University Press: The Crossley ID Guide; Raptors; The Unfeathered Bird, by Katrina van Grouw; and The World's Rarest Birds, by Erik Hirschfeld, Andy Swash & Robert Still.

Suggestions to WCAS If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at:

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Last revision: Monday, August 26, 2013