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Brewster Young
Birdathon 2007 is Coming

Brewster Young

It may seem that winter will be here forever. But soon spring will come, the birds will start migrating and it will be time for the WCAS 2007 Birdathon. Our Birdathon is the bird watching equivalent of a walkathon. People who love birding and the environment convince birders and non-birders alike to pledge money for every species of bird seen by Birdathoners on Birdathon day.

It is easy to participate as a bird finder and/or as a sponsor. More information will be in the next newsletter.

This is the only fund raiser for WCAS. The money collected goes for several of our educational and environmental programs such as:

  • Audubon Adventures for 60 inner-city fourth -grade classrooms,

  • Workshops and field trips for families

  • Monthly program meeting with informative speakers,

  • Hannah Suthers’ bird banding on Featherbed Lane, Hopewell,

and much more.

Our goal for 2007 is to raise $10,000.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 12th and come join the fun as a participant or as a sponsor. Pledge forms will come in the next Newsletter.

You could also win a prize. On April 16th there will be a random drawing for a birdhouse among those who have pledged to date.

On May 21st or soon after, Grand Prizes will be awarded to:

  • Individual giving the highest dollar amount

  • Solicitor who brought in the highest dollar amount

  • Individual (or team) who observed the most species of birds.


Suggestions to WCAS If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact either of the following:

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