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For the umpteenth time, WCAS volunteers cleaned up litter along Rt. 518 for Hopewell Township's Clean Communities Cleanup Day. On a damp, cloudy April 4, Angelo Auletta, Gladys Stevenson and Pat Sziber formed the skeleton crew earning much-needed cash for chapter causes. Our profilers report that it appears the average litterbug is smoking less, has moved up to a classier beer, but is eating more junk food.

Our theme for Heavens and Earth Day at the State Museum on April 18 was "Wings of Spring"--the title of National Audubon's spring migration celebration. Our display featured information and maps on bird migration. Activities included our bird identification game (skillfully constructed by Board member and Mercer County Naturalist Joe Schmeltz) and copies of a habitat drawing for kids to fill in with their choice of bird and animal rubber stamp impressions. Angelo Auletta, Rick Dutko, Herb Lord, Barbara Ross and Pat Sziber were our representatives at this event.

To commemorate Earth Day, April 22, Herb, Pat and Ursula Brooks tried their hands at water quality monitoring on behalf of WCAS as part of the Delaware River Basin Commission's Water Snapshot '98. Samples were taken from Jacob's Creek in Hopewell Township and Assunpink Creek in West Windsor. They joined hundreds of participants who collected physical, chemical and biological data throughout the Delaware watershed to highlight citizen concern about water quality. The data from this once-a-year event will be published in a report for public distribution. Our many thanks to Fred Stine of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network for his valuable advice and assistance and to WCAS member Karen Sare for loaning us her LaMotte water testing kit.

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