December 19, 1997


Washington Crossing Audubon Society
P O Box 112
Pennington, NJ 08534


For the Institute for Advanced Study, and we hope for the Princeton community, one of the most significant events in 1997 was the permanent preservation of 589 acres of woodlands and farms which have come to be known as the Institute Lands. I want to thank you for your important role in the conservation project which preserved these lands as a permanent treasure, not just for our generation but also for the generations that will follow us.

At the time I became Director of the Institute six years ago, I would never have believed that this complex issue could be so positively resolved. The Institute Lands Preservation Committee made a great difference to the endeavor, and I am writing to thank you for the support of the Washington Crossing Audubon Society. It was the extraordinary partnership of private donors, the public sector, and the Institute which allowed this preservation to succeed.

Through the preservation of the land, a model emerged of how a community can work together to make meaningful changes in the quality of our lives, in this case the protection of our environment and the preservation of our history.

We thank you for your contribution, and we value your friendship. I hope that it will continue as we share the benefits of these lands in the many years to come.


 Yours truly,
 Phillip A. Griffiths


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